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Coastal Legacy Fund

At our 25th Jubilee Celebrations in 2021 we launched the Coastal Rugby Legacy Fund. The fund was set up to directly help Players and the Coastal Rugby Community. Administration is run independently and not by Coastal Rugby.


The Legacy fund is run independently, a few great things about it are:

-Pays wages for an injured players while they are waiting to receive ACC payments.

-Can assist players/members in times of need, accomodation during surgery etc.

-Ongoing physio/doctors medical visits.

-It is a residual income fund and depends on small amounts donated by our community every month.

-Every dollar donated goes back into Players and our community to look after them in time of need


It's a great initiative by our club and something we are very proud of! We want to see it grow over the years, to support as many in the Coastal community as possible. However, we need your help!! To keep it moving forward to assist more of our community!


So not 'beating around the bush' the concept is simple, we ask for $1 every month ($12 P/Y), from as many people as possible in our community, forever! It's community supporting community. It's a micro transaction, a bit of loose change, a buck, 1/3 the cost of a litre of petrol. 

It's $1 a month forever! Set it and forget it! We want it to be so small that you don't care it goes out every month.

In reality though, it will be MASSIVE towards moving the Coastal Rugby Legacy Fund forward and helping more of our community in the future.

Use the form on the right to donate or set up an automatic deposit using our bank account details: 


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